Ignite It Group Marketing

Ignite It Group provides a single resource and assumes responsibility for your organization's marketing function. Would you like to achieve more results with fewer resources?


Our team listens to your challenges and goals while working alongside your team to develop a strategy to achieve success and growth for your organization. Then we put the plan in action with a diverse team that includes graphic designers, writers, multimedia and web developers, media production specialists, and strategic consultants.

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Often outsourcing can bridge skill gaps in areas that are outside your core competence. Strategic outsourcing, such as utilizing our team, is an excellent way to achieve more results, using fewer resources. The marketing function is complex and to stay competitive with emerging trends that keep you in front of your customers and prospective customers, you need experts. Can you afford an expert on staff full time? And will that one person be an expert across all marketing competences (graphics, media, public relations, online strategy, etc). How will your expert remain an expert as new media and advertising trends emerge?

Maybe your money is better spent on a partnership with a firm that can provide depth of experience in all marketing competences for about the same price as one full-time employee.

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Our team can provide everything from strategic research, analysis, and planning through the management, creative design, and deployment of targeted marketing programs designed specifically for your organization, based on your challenges and goals.

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What Else?

We’ve implemented award-winning campaigns and worked with clients in a wide variety of industries such as Energy, Information Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Professional Services, and more.

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