About Ignite It Group

Whether you are a start up company on the fast track to explosive growth or a mid-size to large company striving to maintain market share, you can benefit from outsourced marketing services.

Supporting Rapid Growth

If you have a start up company, recently acquired or merged with other organizations, or in a rapid growth phase with your business, you are likely to experience heavy demands from your sales team. They need marketing support in the form of professionally-designed collateral, current pieces that recognize successes that serve to build your reputation, and diverse avenues for getting the word out to customers and prospects. As you experience these growing pains, you may feel it’s impossible to keep up with the volume and the current trends. You have options:

  • Hire more staff — This can be expensive and you may not be quite ready for another full-time person and how do you find one person who can fill all the diverse needs
  • Hire a freelancer to handle the extra load — This keeps your costs contained, but someone has to give specific guidance to the individual(s) and this often results in more work for your current staff.
  • Partner with a strategic outsourcing agency — This offers you the right balance of additional resources, but with the expertise to drive efforts with minimal guidance and you have the benefit of fulfilling multiple skillset requirements through this single relationship who understands your company's needs and guidelines.

Sustaining Market Share

If you manage a mature or stable organization striving to maintain or grow your share of the market, you are likely to experience continuous demands even during times that may require strict adherence to the budget. Staff turnover, training, and staff additions to fulfill new skill set requirements can threaten your budget. You have options:

  • Cut back on programs, campaigns, or events — This reduces your exposure and puts your market position at risk.
  • Wait to implement new technologies — This may elevate your competitors in the eyes of your customers and prospects if they are seen to be keeping up with trends while you are lagging behind.
  • Partner with a strategic outsourcing agency — This offers you the right balance of additional resources when you need them. The right outsourcing partner will provide you with experts that are trained on the latest trends so that you have the benefit of fulfilling multiple skill set requirements through this single relationship.

We’ve Put it to the Test

Ignite It Group provides complete marketing function support for Healthvision, a Lawson Company, a leading provider of healthcare specific software and services offering healthcare information solutions powered by their Cloverleaf® Integration Suite. Healthvision, a Lawson Company solutions are at work in thousands of facilities around the globe, including 40 percent of all large Integrated Delivery Networks and 33 percent of hospitals in North America.

Each year, our team works alongside executives at Healthvision, a Lawson Company to review challenges and successes achieved throughout the year and develop the strategy and detailed marketing plans for the coming year. Together, manage the plan, execute the scheduled campaigns, programs, and events, and reviewing results on a regular basis with the executive team.