About Ignite It Group

Ignite It Group is a full-service corporate communications organization. We support our clients’ business growth through the development and implementation of strategic marketing and learning programs.

Achieve More Results with Fewer Resources with our outsourced corporate communication solutions.

The Ignite It Group Approach

At Ignite It Group, we believe it is critical to first understand the overall goals of the business:

  • Do you need to educate your audience?
  • Do you need to increase sales by 50% by year end?
  • Do you need to simply reinforce a brand image as new competitors come into your market space?

Without a full understanding of what needs to be achieved by the organization, marketing and learning efforts can miss the mark.


Ignite It Group has extensive experience in various aspects of marketing and learning solutions. The diversity of our team and the variety of our professional experience gives us the ability to understand, communicate, and relate to a wide demographic, ensuring the right messages are delivered clearly, and with the maximum impact. We also have the expertise to educate our client’s employees and client base, creating a strong foundation for their business.

Customer Service Focused

Ignite It Group focuses on providing top-notch customer service. At Ignite It Group, we value each client and their priorities. Our outsourcing model allows us to become partners with our clients, not just a vendor. When we act in partnership with our clients, we achieve superior results. In a partnership, we have an intimate understanding of our client’s business and can design and deploy effective programs as a result.

Ignite It Group Certifications

Clear Message Communications, LLC is a woman-owned business with the following certificates:

  • HUB-certified State of Texas – Certificate # 1223872801300
  • Women-owned Business Enterprise Certification — North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency –Certificate # WFWB04153N1218