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Background Information

The City of Fort Worth, through a partnership with their waste collections service, Waste Management, entered into a program with Recyclebank to encourage the citizens of Fort Worth to “Recycle Right!” based on an incentive rewards program. The City already had a strong recycling program in place, but was looking for an opportunity to further promote recycling with the following goals in mind:

  • Increase recycling participation and community engagement
  • Provide residents with rewards for recycling
  • Enhance outreach and engagement activities

Target Audience

The Recycle Right with Recyclebank program targeted homeowners throughout the City of Fort Worth.


Through education, create a mindset of “Recycling Right!” and be rewarded for these actions.


The greatest challenge the City of Fort Worth faced with this project was twofold – developing a social movement of sustainability in an economically diverse population, and correcting behavior tied to economic decision. As citizens have to pay for their waste service, many saw this program as a “cost” versus a reward. Ignite It Group created a marketing campaign with the City to bridge these hurdles and disseminate education about Recycling Right!

Success Story

The program launched on April 6, 2012 with a very unique press conference hosted by Fort Worth Mayor, Betsy Price. With cameras rolling, a City garbage truck dumped a load of just-collected waste at the conference. Mayor Price and City dignitaries donned gloves and sorted out recyclable elements to make a point on how much the City needs to Recycle Right!

Within just eight months, Recyclebank reported 28,247 members enrolled in their on-line rewards program, correlating to 1 out of every 14 homes.

Take a look at the City of Fort Worth's integrated marketing components below. Links to each component is available.

Mayor's Letter

Mailed to 220,000 residents in both English and Spanish, announcing the kick-off of the Recycle Right with Recyclebank program

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News Advisory

Media was notified of Recyclebank Launch event that featured City of Fort Worth Mayor Price. The event was highlighted by Mayor Price getting "down and dirty" to provide real life examples of recyclable material that is being thrown in the garbage.

This event received news coverage on several local stations/new outlets.

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Simple, clean, and informational at 70mph.

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Tradeshow Display

Standing tall at City Hall, this piece educated City employees and citizens.

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YES/NO Recycle Right Flyer/Poster

Easy-to-read quick reference tool used to support Neighborhood Education efforts. Flyers were used as a leave-behind for residents and posters were hung in community centers and clubhouses.

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Recyclebank Rewards Flyer

These flyers were circulated to residents during special events or community functions to solicit additional sign-ups for Recyclebank.

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Recyclebank Postcard

Piggybacking on other City services, this specifically formatted print piece for insertion in City water bills was a budget friendly piece reinforcing the recycling message. Delivery was to all residents in the City receiving water service.

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Promotional Items

Various promotional items (cookies/frisbees/t-shirts) were distributed throughout the community to reinforce the messaging and encourage Recyclebank participation.

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Recyclebank Website

The goal of all our communications in this campaign was to encourage the City's residents to participate in "recycling right" in Fort Worth and getting rewarded for their community participation. The Recyclebank website was how the residents would sign-up for the program and track/redeem their points.

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